They want us monoculture... ¡Seamos bosque nativo!​

They want us monoculture... Let's be native forest!

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*Última actualización 09-2021

Our Native Forest in Restoration

In alingment with the united nations SDGs

  • Al restaurar bosques nativos se fortalece la resiliencia y la capacidad de adaptación a los riesgos relacionados con el clima, además de constituir
    a growing carbon sink.
  • We give talks, workshops and trainings about climate change, its causes and consequences for all audiences
  • We provide greenhouse gas management tools for individuals and organizations.
  • We conserve more than 4,000 hectares of category 1 native forest in line with the national law for the protection of native forests (Law 26,331) and the National Program of Argentina UN-REDD+
  • We carry over 60,000 native trees planted and 270 hectares of restored native forest, focusing on recovering the upper stratum of the yungas.
  • Our biodiversity program promotes the repertoire and conservation of species in the yungas ecosystem with diverse endangered species through the valuation and awareness of fauna
  • In Tucuman, a highly vulnerable province with high poverty rates, we generate direct and decent employment in forestry activities and promote indirect employment through sustainable productive activities linked to the forest.
  • We promote agroforestry activities and traditional forms of food production in our small-scale forests
  • The “Seamos CO2 Neutral” service allows us to reconcile the forest restoration and biodiversity programs that we carry out in the Yungas with the market's need to fight climate change by mobilizing resources from the private sector to sustain our activities in a sustainable way
  • We developed South-South and North-South alliances to have the latest technology for the measurement of Greenhouse Gases and forest monitoring, achieving greater transparency, traceability and reducing operating costs.